About Us

Petland is a newly established pet-service company. The Tzezanas-Tsoudis Group of Companies, however, has been cooperating in the field of wholesale trade, for many years. From 1970 until today, the companies of Tzezanas and Tsoudis groups are in the market, either in co-operation or independently, with guaranteed success in every sector they dealed with. Our group network has entered large department stores, super markets and small stores, covering all kinds of market needs quickly and reliably.

Petland, in addition to co-operating with China's large factories, has already set up a network of cooperations with major overseas suppliers, with years of experience and consumer confidence:

Our suppliers:

  • Bama Pet
  • Porrini Group
  • Petosan
  • Dexil
  • Croci
  • Mispol
  • Italmercato

This network is constantly increasing and renewing according to the needs of the market, with our main concern always being the good quality and competitive prices.