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Mrs. Sartzetaki, one of the best groomers, gave us the honor and some necessary information / instructions for grooming our pet, with her knowledge expertise, experience, but primarily with love for our four-legged friends !!!


1. Can we / Is it advisable to cut and bath our cat?
It is advisable to groom our cat but not to rub it without serious reason. For example, reasons to cut cat's hair are:

A) Be very long and too many knots have been created.
B) Be old and can not clean herself.
C) Be overweight and can not be cleaned alone.
D) There is a skin problem that needs to be treated and the veterinarian has recommended to cure.

If the above reasons are not met, we groom the cat according to its coat and its condition.

2. Can we bathe our dog or cat while it is in an ostrich?
Yes, there is no danger to the animal, nor it will come in contact with other animals in the area.
3. What can we do to maintain the health of our pets coat and even at home(hairstyle / products / food etc)?
The truth is that the number one factor in maintaining a healthy coat is food. A choice of many beneficial fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 from pure proteins meat (ideally free range) is ideal. If we can not 

give such a quality food we help our pet with a supplement such as good quality, fish oil that we can add to his diet. Also, with the help of a professional groomer we select the appropriate care products for our 

pet and accordingly with the coat we need to be consistent with brushing and applying these products to our home. Short or long hair our pets ideally want brushing every day to help eliminate the dead coat and 

the circulation of natural oils in the coat.

4. What is the difference in haircut and stripping and in which cases should one technique be applied instead of the other?
Stripping is a method of grooming that is made with the plumage of a certain tortoise and specific animals. The method preserves the color and quality of the coat unchanged. Cutting either with the machine 

or with the scissors is a completely different process that we choose again depending on the type of coat and its condition. Indicatively though, if a dog who normally needs stripping makes haircut with the 

machine is very difficult if we want to restore quality and redo in the future stripping. Everything has to do with the correct information that the client will accept from the professional groomer about the choices 

he has.

5. During the summer is it best to completely chop dogs or cats that have a lot of hair?
On the contrary, it is dangerous to cut off any animal's hair in the summer months because we are destroying their natural protection from the sun. Some puppies like the Maltese then even need sunscreen 

to avoid burns. And in this case, depending on the dog and his coat we will choose the perfect grooming to avoid such incidents. But to avoid misunderstanding, if a dog or kitten comes in a very bad condition

then there is no other choice from the haircut. And there the owner has to protect the animal accordingly.

6. When can we begin to do the first beautification to our dog (first time)?
Once he does all of his vaccines he can visit a hair salon , so the owner to choose with the help of a professional groomer, the necessary grooming for his pet, without necessarily with a haircut machine.

8. Whenever we need to cut the nails of our dog or cat?
The more often we can to avoid growing the nerve internally and helping our pet move more easily. On kittens that go out though, we should not cut them, as their nails are ti protect them from predators. 

(Defense in battle, or the choice to climb a tree if a dog hunt them).

Can we do it alone and what should we be careful of?
Yes we can, it's enough to avoid cutting the nerve because we're going to cause bleeding.
9. How often can we and should bathe our dog or cat and how often should we cut it?
Bath can ideally be made once a month, taking care that the animal is completely dried out if ee bathe our pet at home, with a hairdryer. In a hair salon the bath can be done more often with the choice of

appropriate professional shampoos. Now, the haircut as I mentioned above again, depending on what we do in the pet (machine haircut, scissors haircut, stripping) suggests the professional groomer the frequency.

10. If our pet has allergies, can we use some special shampoo?

If a pet has some allergies, first you have to visit a veterinarian to see the skin problems the pet has and suggest treatment and shampoo. If the animal comes to

our shop before going to the doctor must use a professional anti-allergy shampoo ideal for animal skin.
11. How do we choose the right shampoo?
There are now plenty of choices for professional shampoos. Depending on the color, length, quality, skin problems, extravasites and other criteria with the help of

professional groomer you may choose the right product.

12. Is it permissible to use our pet's fragrance and in what criteria should we choose?
Yes, it is enough to be applied in a measure and we choose it based on the aroma we prefer.
13. We may use any kind of dye on our pet's fur and what do we need to know?
Again, it is permissible to use professional products specifically hypoallergenic and completely plant-based.
14. Are you taking care of pets that are taking part in various competitions?
Yes, we do.
15. Where can anyone find you?
In our stores:


Flora's Pet Grooming Academy
Evergeton 34


And to
Kostas Varnalis 52 & Prevezis
Chalandri 15233
Tel. 2114095006-6936833324


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