Dogs' Oestrus

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  • When will my female puppy will have its first oestrus?

The first oyster of female dogs comes in the 6th-7th month of birth, some other times it comes in the 9th-10th (mostly at bigger dogs).
The first time may have some differences from the next (in duration, symptoms, etc.).




  • When does my dog ​​is in heat?

Female dogs are in heat 1-3 times a year. Usually two, and occurs about every 6 months. If the deviations are very different each

time, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian.



  • How do I recognize oestrus in females?

First of all, we have to clarify that there are two stages:

  1. The first stage, called pre-oestro, and prepares our dog physically for fertilization. It lasts 2-10 days and is perceived by

            the swelling of the vulva and the presence of blood (the amount varies according to race and / or size). At this stage

            she attracts males but does not accept to mate.

  1. The next stage is the oestrus, which lasts about 1-2 weeks (more usually about 9 days). During this period, the

           appearance of blood may stop, but the vulva is still swollen but more relaxed. At this stage, females, due to pheromones,

           attract males and mate.




  • What happens after the oestrus?

If our pet is mated and fertilized, the gestation period lasts about 2 months.
If it is not pollinated, follows a period of about six months (as we mentioned above) until there is a new oestrus.




  • How many days do I have to constrain my dog, not to mate?

If we do not want our dog to mate, we need to have it more limited in our walk, and in our yard, even throughout the oestrus,

because it is very likely to leave to mate.

Because many times, however, the pre-oestro ans heat symptoms are almost the same, and one may not recognize the

transition, it is better, in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, to be very careful in both stages.

Their total duration does not exceed 2-3 weeks.




  • Every time my male dog is in heat?

In males there is no specific period during which they show an estrus. Their genital system is ready throughout the year. However, 

the symptoms of oestrus appear when it is near a female dog at an oestrus. Over the rest of the year, they do not show estrus

symptoms. Because of the hormones though, there may be conflicts with other males in order to impose sovereignty.

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