Playing in the water!!!

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All dogs since they are puppies love to play and this playful activity gives big benefits to our 4–legged friend, both from the physical and mental point of view.

According to the specialists the game is the most important means through which the owner can connect with his own dog by stimulating his capacity to obey and communicate his needs.

During the game puppies learn all the attitudes they will act when they will be adults: submissions ( meant as education and respect of the owner’s rules), the pursuit, the prey and not

last the stud. Therefore the toys for dogs contribute to the trainer of their nature, they increase the physical and mental ability and agility, they improve the coordination and allow to explore

the surroundings. From here the idea to make a simple but original toy being inspired by the object all dogs love: the wooden stick.  

TUTTOMIO is perfect to improve the relationship with your friend, it is an amusing toy  that can be used at home, in the garden and even at the seaside  because it floats indeed!





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